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The architect of Palazzo Widmann was Baldassarre Longhena, one of the main exponent of the Venetian Architecture in the XVII century. The building, with its decorative stuccos and precious furniture, is a significant example of the Rococ6 Style and it has preserved the original splendor until today. Very important is ishe picture gallery, where paintings and frescos of the most representative XVII century's artists are conserved.


In this context, the restoration of Palazzo Widmann was not only a simple adaptation of the plant design, but making a complex reuse plan that could revitalize the whole architecture, otherwise destined for being an empty proof of the Past. Our intervention has also been consisting in a philological restoration of the original building's apparatus and decorations subjected to alterations. The aim of this project has been the restoration of the original look of the building and the renovation of its functionality, because a building it's done to live in it.




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